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Friday, September 15, 2006


For an appetizer here is a nice discussion of the phrasal verb cotton to.

This summer I went up to SD to surprise my mother for her birthday. They were camping with my step-father's brother and his wife, so we joined them. My step-uncle, Darrell, and I played a lot of bean bags, and since it isn't the most intensive sport/activity, we had plenty of time to talk. Talking to Darrell, who is in his early fifties, I gathered a few idioms that I cottoned to. The first one was "waters me." As in: "That ringer you made really waters me." Translation--pisses me off. The second was a strong linguistic movement from the phrase "ass over tea kettle." He was telling an anecdote about how he was fishing and a game warden was on the shore and wanted to do game wardeny things. However, the warden "tea kettled" down the embankment. Good stuff.


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