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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Opposite of utile. A friend of mine who enjoys words too, and is even better at memorizing them, used the phrase "futiley retraced my steps." She was looking for her keys. I struggle to imagine a more soul sucking adverb than futiley. It does its job perfectly. It annihilates the verb that it modifies. At least the phrase "to no avail" leaves some suspense, but putting futiley in front of anything is a giant black hole. (You probably couldn't even read the last part of that sentence.)

Then comes the pronounciation. I'm fond of fyoo-tyl in the adjective form, but a glottal stop comes in handy to handle the double duty the "l" would have if you went with fyoo-tyl-lee yielding to fyoot-(glottal)-ly.

Talk amongst yourselves.


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